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back now. >> reporter: across the state, mitt romney casts doubt on the numbers. >> the truth is if the same share of people were participating in the workforce today, on the day that the president got elected, our unemployment rate would be around 11% and that is the real reality of what is happening out there. >> reporter: the president's fairfax speech had been aimed at the women issues. >> and i don't think a working mom in arlington should wait to get a mammogram because money is tight. i don't think a college studentsho should have to choose between text books or the preventive care show needs. >> reporter: supporters of the president said this speech was a return to form for a president who they admit was off his game in the first debate. >> i recognize that. i don't know why that was. all i do know is that that is the attitude he needs to bring to the next debate. >> clear -- >> clearly, both of the presidential campaigns covet virginia. this is president obama's 17th trip to the state just this year and mitt romney was in the state yesterday and will return on monday.
message is the same thing. for mitt romney, the post debate bounce is stretching into the second week. >> that was a good debate. i enjoyed that. >> reporter: while president obama is looking to get back on track and back into the lead. >> we can not afford to be complacent or synical. >> reporter: last month, the pugh research poll had president obama leading mitt romney 51-43% and now, pugh said romney is leading 49% to obama's 45%. >> the trajectory of the race appears to have changed. >> reporter: romney's post- debate gains are across the board. he trails the president by one point. women say they have changeed their view of romney. he's up six points while the president is down 9. and romney has gained among independents who changed their view of him while, again, the president is down. >> romney proved a lot with this debate and stood toe-to- toe with the president. his favorable image improved sharply. >> reporter: the ad war is heating up. the producers of secret service mestreet asked the obama campaign to take down an ad featuring big bird. >> big bird. big bird,. >> r
. president obama versus mitt romney and is this round 1 or a knockout blow? the candidates are in a different place tonight and tom fitzgerald fooled their movements and turned -- turned into spin rooms. tom. >> reporter: the democratic position was that mitt romney's performance last night, in their words, is at odds with what he's saying on the campaign trail and privately, they're acknowledging what many have been saying, that governor romney had a good debate and the president is going to be under pressure to do better next time. the president tried to refrain the debate saying the mitt romney he saw last night had little resemblance to what the president said romney's policies are. governor romney himself, meanwhile s meeting with supporters in colorado. romney said the debate gave him a chance to frame the campaign for the country for what their choice would be. >> last night, i thought it was a great opportunity for the american people to see two different visions for the country. it was helpful to describe the vigs. i saw the president's vision as trickledown government. >> governor r
touch down in colorado, nevada, florida, virginia, and ohio. and mitt romney, meanwhile, was in reno, nevada. the economy returned to center stage and each candidate stressed how they would do a better job on the deficit. >> and i have a plan that will create the jobs and reduce the deficit and unlike mitt romney, i'm glad to talk about my plan. >> i want to get small business going again, and that means i want to keep taxes down on small business. i want to get regulators to see their job as encouraging small business, not crushing it. >> and we're going to get a better idea of travel plans for both campaigns. the romney am campaign announced he and paul ryan will be together and in canton, ohio o monday and president obama will head hope to -- home to chicago first where he will cast his ballot in early voting before returning to washington, brian. >> all right, tom fitzgerald. >>> and coming up at 6:30, fox 5 news edge 2012, has more on the political issues. we'll look at the battleground state of ohio and how important that state is to both candidates. plus, we're live at a rally
a big endorsement from retired general collin powell. mitt romney remines on the attack and spend his day in the critical battleground state of ohio. >> reporter: a busy day out there and the presidents in the middle of a non-stop, 48-hour marathon. this brought him to our area in virginia and while mitt romney continues to hail the president on jobs and economy. president obama thanked collin powell for his endorsement. the former secretary of state who said he is a republican, also endorsed the president in 2008. mitt romney, meanwhile, made several stops in battleground state of ohio today and ending up in worthington, north columbus -- worthington in columbus and speaking with about his policies being a failure. >> the president's plan, keep on spending more than we take in, a trillion more a year and this is putting a burden on you and will crush the american dream if he's re-elected and that is why paul ryan and i have a plan to get america on track to cut spending, to cap federal spinning and to get us on track to a balanced budget. >> i was proud and him bowled -- humbled to
, president obama and mitt romney will face off for the first presidential debate. stage is set, spotlight on denver tonight. the new polls indicate that mitt romney may need to sway undecided voters during the debate. a cnn poll averaged 7 recent surveys and overall, president obama had 49 to 45%. well, tonight's debate, will it make a difference among the voters? craig bosswell is live in denver with more now. craig. >> reporter: good evening to you. three hours and counting until the main event here. the first presidential debate of the 2012 campaign. the first question will go to president obama and that is followed by two-minute answers on the topic and the 15 minutes and there will be a discussion about that topic. this debate is divided up into three 15-minute segments. the economy, roll on government and leadership style. the pressure is certainly on, on mitt romney to perform and is a must-win situation. on the flip side of that for presume a it's a must not lose situation as well and here we are a month away from the election and the stakes are high here tonight, even though both
hours until his one and only debate, with congressman paul ryan. mitt romney's running mate keeping a low public profile. here he is out for coffee. >> joe biden's been on the stage many times before. this is my first time. sure, it's a nervous situation. >> reporter: during their 90- minute debate, they will be sitting at a table at center cool them danville, covering domestic and foreign policy issues, leaving delaware this morning, the vice president seemed upbeat. >> and i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: he promised an aggressive performance. >> reporter: paul ryan is the intellectual leader of the republican party, according to mitt romney and all we're asking for is an honest conversation of what the impact of the policies will be and that is the vice president's goal, to have that conversation. we'll have it about our policies and they should have it about theirs. >> reporter: his staff hoping that ryan can pull a romney on biden and president obama admitting he had a bad night last week. in fact, first of the three presidential debates. >> and many people suggested tha
president obama and mitt romney will a peal peer together at a political dinner in new york city. the romney campaign is feasting on new favorable poll numbers. the president, meanwhile, got help of his own from some high star power. bill clinton and bruce springsteen. tom fitzgerald is joins us now and we'll start with the numbers here. >> reporter: brian, the poll tracking site real clear politics tracks the major polls out there in the country right now. the judged to give you a better idea of exactly where we are in this campaign. what real clear politics is seeing tonight is that of the seven major polls they look at, seven of those polls, mitt romney is loading in four of them, ties in a fifth and trails the president in only two. even after a better second debate performance by president obama, mitt romney is now leading the rcp average. in ohio thursday, the obama campaign got a double dose of star power. >> was born in the usa and, unlike one of the candidates for president, i keep all of my money here. >> reporter: the former president was joined by the current boss. >>
underway. >> and what you will so is governor romney and president obama standing at podiums on the stage. >> reporter: and taking a break from the debate, he made calls and took pizza. >> when i tried it in florida, one woman would not handle it was me. >> reporter: in colorado, meanwhile, mitt romney received the endorsement of john elway. >> i'm delighted we're going have three debates and that is a conversation with the american people. >> reporter: ahead of the debates, fox 5 talked with top officials from the romney and obama campaigning about the predebate goal yes. and that is more comfortable with the format. >> reporter: the romney senior strategist said the poor economy is the focus you go but downplay a "new york times" report that romney used offshore accounts to avoid taxes and inquire -- increase his income. he said that romney's financial decisions are made by a blind trust. >> what is most important to people is they try to relate their economic standing with the candidates and they ask themselves a question what, are the plans we have proposed before the pub
the new rules which will take several months to write. >> >>> fore un -- foreign policy now. mitt romney offered his position on the world affairs. he opened up a new line of attacks on the president as president obama regroups from the first debate. fox 5s tom fitzgerald joins us now. the economy is front and center. why is there a foreign policy? >> the romney -- >> the romney campaign saw say big success that looked at just the domestic issue the president will talk about the killing of osama bin laden now in every one of his campaign appearances n virginia today, romney argued that on a whole host of other -- the president get off the mark. in battleground, virginia, mitt romney targeting the president on foreign affairs -- affairs. >> on this vital issue, the president has failed. >> reporter: at the virginia military institute, romney said that president obama failed to prevent an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya and asked -- as president, romney said he would arm syria's rebels. >> and insure they obtain the arms they need to defeat the tanks and helicopters. >> this is in am
in the first debate, while mitt romney, who surged in the polls, wants to repeat his showing. >> and for challenger romney what is at stake is to continue the very strong performance that he gave lost time and to keep the momentum. >> reporter: the president spent the day in virginia preparing for the debate. look for an ep,ized, more aggressive showing and on to better news on unemployment than last tight time. >> and he not only was widely seen as winning the debate by registered voters, it helped him, more importantly, helped him in the national race against obama. >> reporter: mitt romney, meanwhile, will have to break through in a format different than the first debate. this town hall style will feature questions from an audience of undecided voters which can produce unexpected pitfalls. >> candidates are not judged on what they say but they have to connect with the voters, connect with the people who are asking the questions. >> reporter: two things that two candidates share, though s both pressure and the fact that there is little room for error in a race that remains
do you believe? what mitt romney's tv ads say abouout women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. a west virginia casino launchihg the biggest ad barrage ever. don't be misled. the washington post says question seven is just... common sense. it'll create 4,000 permanent jobs. and stop maryland from losing millions to other states... every year. that's why business, labor, and teachers all support... question seven. and so does the washington post. vote for question seven. it's just common sense. . >>> u.s. border patrol agents have their work cut out when drug smugglers try to jump the fence. they used the makeshift ramp to prop the car 15 feet high and d
. but mitt romney is staying in massachusetts. what both sides share tonight is i desire to deliver sharp performances in a race that remains razor thin. at hofstra university in new york, finishing touches for tuesday's town hall debate are underway. >> i brought some food. >> on a break from his debate preps in williamsberg, virginia, president obama brought pizza to his campaign workers and called supporters. >> i know you have been working hard for the campaign and i want to say how much i appreciate it. >> reporter: mitt romney huddled with his team in massachusetts while ryan shared his post election plans with the home town crowd in wisconsin. >> i'm going to sit in a tree stand with my 10-year-old daughter with her first deer hunt after we've just elected mitt romney the next president of the united states. >> reporter: new polls show this race is tightening. romney is ted to be leading 49% to the president's 48%. while politico finds romney ahead 50-48%. the real clear politics average of several polls puts the polls at 47% for each candidate with only .1% difference. experts now
without major problems. >>> 15 days away from electing a new president. president obama and mitt romney taking on foreign policy. fox news correspondent craig bosswell is live with the latest. >> reporter: good evening to you, all gets underway in three hours. both candidates are sitting at a table and pointing out their differences on foreign policy. there will be six 15-minute segments and no opening statement and this is underway in three hours and that is beginning with america's role in the world and china and the changing world and how to deal with that. president obama coming in u usually the incumbent has the advantage on a foreign policy debate, but mitt romney has inroads here with shifting answers on what happened at the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. expect that to be one of the first topics to come up here and on china. if you -- there is going to be a lot of talk on china, the world's second largest economy expected to surpass the u.s. economy. the decisions, trade with china will have ramifications down the road for the u.s. a lot to debate tonight and tonight'
.m. to early urday. >>> president obama and mitt romney trying to urge support for storm victims while not actually campaigning for pan election that is one week away -- an election that is one week away, fox 5's tom fitzgerald with more. >> candidate obama stayed on the sidelines today as president obama remained at the white house to stay in touch with fema and federal authorities in charge of the response to hurricane sandy. in ohio today mitt romney's campaign meanwhile collected donations of various goods and food items. romney said generosity is an american trait and has canceled all campaign events today because of the storm. president obama went to the headquarters of the american red cross here in washington. the president said he is confident the recovery effort is heading in the right direction and he urged people to make monetary donations to the red cross disaster relief fund. >> we certainly feel profoundly for all the families whose lives have been up ended and will be going through tough times the next several days and perhaps several weeks and months. the most importan
. >>> 11 days away from election night and president obama, mitt romney trading jabs today. there are also concerns hurricane sandy is affecting the race. tom fitzgerald with that. >> reporter: the romney complained announced tonight they have decided to postpone a rally they were going to have in virginia beach on monday. meanwhile, president obama and former president clinton are due to campaign together in prince william county virginia on monday but right now campaign officials are telling us that that could change depending on hurricane sandy. meanwhile, g.o.p. presidential candidate mitt romney, he was in iowa today trying to take back a state that the president obama won in 2008. president obama for the most part stayed here in washington today giving a round of radio interviews in which he blasted romney adviser john sanunu's comment that powell's endorsement of the was both both are african-americans. governor romney showed his economic plans on the heels of a government report showing economic growth in the country was better than expected last month. >> this is an election of
romney's plans are stuck in the past. the president was first out of the gate today with a rally down in florida this afternoon. the president told his crowd of supporters the romney campaign is just not telling the truth about his plans and says romney's policies will not add jobs but end up raising taxes on the middle class. for the republican's part mitt romney was in nevada along with vice presidential candidate paul ryan. governor romney said that the president is attacking him for making up for a lack of a plan for obama's second term. both candidates eventually said the other isn't telling the truth. >> his deficit plan doesn't reduce the deficit. it adds to it. his foreign policies from the 1980s. his social policy's from the 1950s. his economic policies are from the 1920s. so everything he's doing right now is to hide his real position. >> this is a status quo candidacy. his is a -- message of going forward with the same policies the last four years and that's why his campaign is slipping and that's why ours is gaining so much steam. >> reporter: you know the president a
,000, the president played to his record on healthcare and reproductive rights and challenged mitt romney's stance on equal pay for equal work. >> he can't tell you, i can. i support that law. in fact, the lily ledbetter pay act was the first law i signed into office. >> reporter: later, mitt romney developed amindonesia. mr. obama termed bomnesia. >> and you can't seem to remember the policies that are still on your website. or the promises you have made over the six years you have been running for president. here's the good news: obama care covers pre-existing conditions. >> reporter: so, just how tight is this race in virginia? well, consider this: one month ago today, real clear politics armed polls in virginia had the president ahead 50-45% and that same poll average has virginia tied at 48%. many in the crowd say they don't take an obama victory in virginia for granted. >> people know what they need and want and what the future requires. >> to be aware of getting the vote out and getting the awareness. >> reporter: the goal for democrats remains clear. >> we will win fairfax county again. >>
for the content of this advertising. what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. >>> livan does glee >>> hit-and-run does >>> there are numerous spots that always seem to be the hardest hit. we got off the phone with the chairman. we go to annapolis, one of those places that floods on a rainy night. >> let's check in with john hanrahan who is live now. >> on the city dock itself, though high tide occurred just a few minutes ago at 6:01:00 p.m.. as you can see, the water water the below the dock. the wind is blowing sort of from downtown annapolis through the chesapeake bay, and i'm guessing it's pushing some of the some of the water outward. for the first high tide, we do not have a problem in annapolis. at least in downtown annapolis, there's water on some of the streets. the water is not over the do
% to 41%. down in richmond, virginia, today, mitt romney and paul ryan rallied with their supporters as romney dismissed the president's tactic as simply attack filled. president was traveling last night and watched the vice presidential debate aboard air force one. what both presidential candidates agreed on, though, today, was that in their opinion, their own running mate was the winner. >> there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful, steady, and poised. the kind of person you want to turn to in a crisis. and that was the vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >> i thought joe biden was terrific tonight. i could not be prouder of him. i thought he made a very strong case and you know, i really think that making sure the economy grows for the middle class came true. i'm really proud of him. >> today, romney and ryan are going to be traveling to ohio for a rally this everyoning. president obama, meanwhile, he's on his way down to williamsburg, virginia. he's going to be spending the weekend preparing for the next presidential debate, which i
obama and mitt romney are gearing up for the first debate. they are going to face off in denver on wednesday night and the stakes are high. a good performance can pump up a party's enthusiasm and per sway undecided voters. >> who will pay attention to this and look for something maybe to make them change their mind for people who aren't completely thrilled about their choice. >> both of the guys have been through an awful lot of debates in their careers, they are both pretty good, they'll both be well prepared. >> the primary focus of this week's debate is domestic policy. >> a new poll from the washington post shows president obama leading among swing state voters. 52% of likely voters in battleground states say they would vote for the president if the election were today. 41% say they woo pick mr. romney. those numbers are similar from the washington post polls, in florida, ohio and virginia. >> developing overseas tonight, a grim milestone in the war in afghanistan. the death toll for u.s. troops has now reached 2,000. the most recent deaths came this weekend. two americans k
the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. . >>> five-story parking garage collapses trapping several workers in the rubble. the garage is under construction at the miami-dade community college campus in florida. eyewitnesses say the worker's cries could be heard from underneath the rubble. at last check this evening, two workers were still trapped. rescue crews are working to remove the debris it get them out quickly. >>> an official ad at gallaudet university is placed on paid leave for signing a political petition. in july, the chief diversity officer signed a petition to put a gay marriage referendum on the ballot in maryland. the president t. ellen herowitz issued a statement saying in part it recently came to my attention that dr. mckaskill participated in an initiative some feel is inappropriate for an individual serving as chief divers
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